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Patient Experiences

Dr. Hoag has been our family’s doctor since 2002. I think we may have been one of his very first patients after opening his practice, long before the nice building he has now. Dr. Hoag and his staff have always been courteous and understanding with the care provided to our family. It also has been such a benefit to have an in-house lab so that lab work can be done without having to run to another location and set another appointment. The staff has always done whatever they could do to fit one of us in for a sick same-day appointment when needed. Dr. Hoag and his staff were super nice to our children when they were small, comforting them from being scared. I can say that with all the years of being a patient of Dr. Hoag’s, he is not only our doctor, he has become a friend.

I had an appointment with “Corporate Medicine” and they cancelled my appointment at the last minute. When I called to reschedule, I was on hold for ten minutes. I called Desert Wells and a human being answered, got me in within a couple of hours, and gave me great service. Back to basics. I loved the PA, and the entire visit was totally satisfactory on the scale. Thanks guys. Great Job.

On a scale of 1-5, to rate my most recent visit, my provider gets all 10s! One of the keys to her success is that she listens to each symptom to put together a treatment plan that addresses the root of the whole problem. My compliments to Dr. Hoag for putting together such a great staff that is there when you need them the most!

We took in our son when he was first born to see Dr. Hoag. Our son struggled with different medical issues. Dr. Hoag was always friendly. He also went out of his way to check up on our son making sure that he was provided with doctors that specialized in the areas needed. Dr. Hoag looked after our children as if they were his own. Dr. Hoag is a very blessed and compassionate individual.

Love coming to this office. The staff and providers are awesome, sweet and kind.

I felt like everything was explained to me, staff followed up with me, and lab tech was fantastic! Very pleasant staff and providers. Office highly recommended!

Dr. Hoag has been my primary care doctor for a very long time, and he is awesome! He listens to you and tries to understand everything that’s going on, whether it’s an injury or an illness. He and his staff are just an awesome group of people!

The staff at the front desk were very friendly, very professional, and were quite accommodating with my schedule! Dr. Daniel Hoag was very understanding and compassionate with me. He and his providers have been amazing, foster a positive experience, and help keep stress to a minimum.

My husband and I are extremely pleased with the office and specifically with Dr. Hoag. He is very knowledgeable and has made sure that we are taking all the right medication for our overall well-being. He has ordered many tests and sent my husband to a specialist who he probably should have been seeing years ago. We are both very happy to have found him.

I had been very sick. I do not know what would have happened to me if Dr. Hoag had not done everything under the sun to make sure I got all the help I needed. I do not know where I would be today if not for his care and persistence to get me the help I needed. His MA, the lab tech, and the staff at the front desk were all so very helpful.

I love Dr. Hoag and his staff. I have now referred three families to him.

I was seen today as a new patient. My children have been seen in this office previously, and my wife expressed her satisfaction with the services provided. I was able to experience it for myself today and have to agree. I have been to several doctors over the past 15 years, and I was most satisfied with your office. I greatly appreciate that I was not simply treated as a number and pushed in and out. I feel that the provider took the time to hear me out and seemed genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of my health concerns. Thank you.

I love Dr. Hoag and his staff. I had a problem with a special prescription and his MA took time out of her very busy schedule to handle my problem ASAP. The staff at the front desk took my problem to her, and it was handled right then and there. Thank you all so much. You are very much appreciated.

Exceeded my needs and expectations. I could not ask for more in a trusted provider for me and my family.